Your graphics aligned to the rightDr. Barry C. Baron learned from one of the best ear, nose and throat doctors in San Francisco — his father. While growing up, Dr. Baron went on rounds with him and observed him in the office. In addition, during his residency at the University of California San Francisco, his father served on the faculty and helped train him. So for Dr. Baron, the ENT specialty is a family tradition.

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Baron treats everything from allergies, snoring and hearing loss to sinus problems, earaches and voice and throat disorders. In fact, he’s the consulting physician for the San Francisco Opera Company, the San Francisco Symphony and the American Conservatory Theater.

Dr. Baron invites you to experience his brand of professional care that’s delivered with a personalized approach. Trust your ear, nose and throat needs to Dr. Baron — one of San Francisco’s best family traditions.


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